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The module evaluation period for Semester 2, 2021/22, will launch on Monday 14th March 2022 and run until Sunday 27th March 2022.

Surveys are carried out mid module rather than after their conclusion so that the module is fresh in the student’s mind and accurate feedback can be collected.

Students should be encouraged to complete the survey online through email communication from module tutors, and in-class where these are still taking place.

All students will be able to access their module evaluation surveys through email, via Blackboard and the MyTU Student Portal.

The survey consists of ten questions, plus a question asking if the student is studying on a formal Apprenticeship Course.  The questions that explore student experiences of each module are scored on a five-point scale.  A free-text box is also provided for additional comments.

Check your module survey response rates here

Link to send out the survey to your students here (


Module Reflections and Module Review

Once the Survey window has closed, Module Leaders are asked to review the results and complete their “Module Reflections” for each of their modules.  This period starts on Monday 28th March 2022.

The feedback from the students can prove invaluable to allowing areas for improvement to be identified and acted upon.


Improved student survey engagement = Enhanced feedback to inform Module Reflections


Numerical results plus the ‘module reflections’ for each module will be emailed automatically to all students studying that module on Tuesday 19th April.

Module Leaders are also asked to complete the “Module Review” for each of their modules.  Like the Reflections, these are staff facing comments emailed to the Course Leader which will ultimately form part of the Course Journal.

Guidance has been produced for module leaders around how to complete Reflections and Reviews to best effect, as well as how to engage your students in the whole survey process.

Supporting Documentation

To support Module Leaders in accessing the Instructor Portal to monitor response rates and complete their Module Reflections and Module Review, LTE have prepared the following user guides.

Module Evaluation flowchart

Module Leaders – Accessing the Instructor Portal

Module Leaders – Completing Module Reflections

Module Leaders – Completing Module Reviews

Module Leaders – How to Engage Your Students and Writing Effective Reflections and Reviews



Module Survey’s go live March 14th

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