Teesside Action Research Group for the Enhancement of Teaching

The research talk is hosted by the University’s LTExChange Network and will formally launch the Teesside Action Research Group for the Enhancement of Teaching, or TARGET for short. The group brings together higher education practitioners and researchers across Teesside University with the aim of strengthening our capacity to engage in quality, high-impact, pedagogic research that is focused on core values of innovation, creativity, inclusivity, and diversity and that has demonstrable impact on higher education policies and practices.

As a part of the LTExChange Network, the group will showcase the research in which members are already engaged; identify, pursue, and support new avenues of pedagogic research; enable greater internal networking and research collaboration; and explore external collaborative research partnerships. The group welcomes HE researchers in all areas and at all levels of experience to participate, allowing research collaborations to be enhanced through the diverse skills, experiences, and expertise among the membership.

In partnership with the University’s LTExChange Network, TARGET encourages colleagues to participate in facilitated Action Research design workshops and research talks throughout the academic year.


To learn more about Action Research see these useful resources


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