At the heart of our operations, we will embed digital teaching excellence that enable teaching practitioners to create outstanding academic learning experiences and develop a best-in-class workforce equipped with the capabilities to deliver cutting-edge Education 4.0 learning experiences in a rapidly changing education and employment context. We will deliver these services in ways that enable flexibility and resilience in our approach, including long-term sustainable practices to learning design through digital solutions.

If you would like us to support you on an individual basis, no matter how large or small the request, we are happy to do so.  Please get in touch with us at

Designing Learning Experiences on Blackboard Ultra

Blackboard Ultra is the University’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It is a modern, responsive platform, designed to function on all devices (including mobile), and is used for all our campus taught courses.

A series of monthly institution-wide sessions aimed at colleagues in Schools understand the basics of Blackboard Ultra and get to grips with the features they will be expected to use when setting up and delivering modules and assessing learning. A key feature of these sessions will be to help colleagues design impactful learning experiences on the VLE, ensuring that the VLE becomes an expansion of the learning ecosystem.

In addition to these monthly sessions, we encourage you to reach out to us for one-to-one coaching on course design on the VLE via

We have prepared for all staff a self-study CPD package of learning here:

Using Learner Analytics impactfully for student support via StREAM

StREAM is the University’s Learner Analytics platform. The use of Learner Analytics is designed to support all students in maximising their chances of success and realising their potential.

A series of monthly institution-wide sessions aimed at teaching staff will help you understand the platform and the affordances of learner analytics for timely student support. We will cover:

  • Using Real time data – StREAM takes data from a wide range of digital touch points, which together represents participation in academic learning.
  • Understanding engagement Algorithm – An algorithm is applied to our data, tailored to reflect how engagement is represented at Teesside, which calculates an overall “engagement score” indicator for each student.
  • Interpreting engagement Score – A simple measure of engagement for easy-to-understand visualisation and interpretation of data.
  • Reviewing holistic View – Taking the engagement information en-masse, StREAM also provides a holistic view of how students are engaging at school and course level.

In addition to these monthly sessions, we encourage you to reach out to us for one-to-one coaching on learner analytics via We have prepared for all staff a self-study CPD package of learning:

Adobe Lab Projects 2022/23

The aim of our Adobe Lab Projects 2022/23 is to help colleagues understand and leverage the value and relevance of Adobe Creative Cloud applications as part of their course design, assessments and delivery.  We want to help people see that Adobe applications aren’t just for staff who are technically minded or who teach a subject where this type of thing is considered industry standard.  There are many benefits to all – and it’s easier than you probably think!

Adobe Labs are aimed at colleagues with little or no experience using Adobe applications, or those who simply want to learn more about possible uses within their subject area.  It may be that you have an idea but you’re not sure how to go about bringing it to life.  It may be that you don’t have an idea (or perhaps don’t see the relevance to your subject area), but you’re open to a discussion around how this type of thing may be of use to you and your students.

Digital Transformation (DX) will work with you on an individual or small group basis to identify a project, support you to implement that project, and help you share your experience and thoughts upon completion.  Potentially resulting in authoring one of our Digital Excellence Impact Case Studies series, your work may help with professional recognition when evidencing your practice through, for example, the various levels of HEA Fellowship.

If you are interested in finding out more, and potentially working on an Adobe Lab Project with DX, please contact us at

Learning Design Bootcamp

The Learning Design Bootcamps, facilitated by Digital Transformation (DX), provide a space for discussion and collaboration, tailored to the specific needs of Schools and their staff.  Utilising the Learning Design Framework & Toolkit (developed in conjunction with Jisc, and mapped onto our Future Facing Learning core themes), the Bootcamps are intended to provide course and module teams with a space to discuss and reflect on their specific aims in terms of course/module design.  Course/module teams and DX will work together to agree a series of desired outcomes and will formulate a bespoke plan of action that will be used as the basis of support DX provide to that course/module team, beyond the face to face Bootcamp session, to achieve the desired outcomes.

If you and your course/module team are interested in working together on a Learning Design Bootcamp, please get in touch with us at

Bespoke Coaching

Digital Transformation (DX) can work with you on an individual basis to help you develop your understanding and practice of digital pedagogy and technologies.  We can help you meaningfully integrate digital solutions into the learning experiences and activities you’re designing and delivering for your students.  We can help you better understand the various learning systems DX support so that you are working with them more efficiently and effectively, ultimately providing a better, more coherent learning experience for your students.

Academic Transformation Programme for Online Learning courses

The Online Learning Designers contribute towards positioning Teesside University as a sector-leading catalyst for innovation and change, preparing the institutional terrain for the high impact adoption of Online Learning. For all online learning courses, the Academic Transformation Programme is an integral part of preparing for the course approvals process and the journey from course approvals to course launch, within which we will deliver support on the following areas of learning designs:

CPD ‘refresher to online learning’ is available as a refresher for tutors already on the OL journey and an introduction for tutors who are onboarding the OL journey.


  • What is online learning
  • How is it different from campus or blended modes of study
  • Perceived barriers and what we have done with our designs to address these
  • Gold standard design principles
  • Gold standard student support and experience
  • Navigating the TU Online platform
  • How to engage in discussions
  • Creative ways of facilitating learning
  • Role of course tutor in induction pack(s)
  • Role of personal tutor and aid of progress bar

Head of Department Training A comprehensive training around the OL roadmap, process for module content design and creation, process for course development and impact on resources across schools, offering an in-depth understanding of managing an OL project from a school’s perspective.

Course Leader Training To consolidate the various staff support training through the lens of a Course Leader, including the enactment of a course leader’s role and responsibilities on an online course, daily business delivery of a Course Leader on an online course, the features and functionalities of the platform which enable a highly data-driven resource to support team members and students on courses.

Module Leader/Tutor Training  To consolidate the various staff support training through the lens of a Module Leader, including enabling strong user experience through the design and delivery of online courses; the importance of social presence and the significance of the role of the academic in the online space to enable successful participation, progression and learning of online students.