Student Engagement can have a positive impact on enhancing the student experience and has a critical role to play in improving student retention and achievement. Teesside University is committed to promoting effective engagement and key elements of its Learning and Teaching Strategy explicitly captures how we engage our students:

  • Create a learning culture and an innovative curriculum with inspirational teaching informed by research and employer engagement and the professions.
  • Create a stimulating learning environment that provides the space, facilities and technology for effective learning and personal development.

Teesside University’s commitment to student engagement, retention and success is also evidenced through its Vision, Mission and Values and explicit within many themes of its Academic Enhancement Framework (AEF).  The AEF provides the structure through which Future Facing Learning, and other key strategic priorities are embedded within academic practice ensuring students are provided with the skills and knowledge to thrive in complex and uncertain futures.

The last few months have seen unprecedented times with Covid-19 and the movement of our teaching and learning support to online.  From September 2020, the University will adopt a hybrid delivery model consisting of on-campus and online delivery, aligned with Government social distancing restrictions.  When reading this guide it is important to consider its contents from the perspective of delivering teaching and learning support through the hybrid delivery model.  To support staff and students in understanding the expectations and key principles aligned with the implementation of the hybrid delivery model (for the 2020/21 academic year) the AEF Matrix has been designed. Whilst all elements of the AEF are pertinent to engaging students throughout course design and delivery across the University, this Matrix emphasises those which are most relevant for the hybrid delivery model.  The AEF Matrix, along with further detail on each theme of the AEF, including measures of enhancement and excellence, can be found on the SLAR Unity site:

Download this PDF: STAFFGuideStudentEngagementFinal