Personal Tutoring is a key component of the student journey and has the potential to significantly influence the student learning experience and improve retention and achievement. Teesside University has a Personal Tutoring Code of Practice which covers all undergraduate and postgraduate taught degree courses at Teesside University.

Its aim is to enhance the learning experience, well-being and achievement of Teesside University Students, helping to ensure that each student is known, valued and their respective needs recognised and supported. The overall objective of Personal Tutoring at Teesside University is provide a consistent, equitable and structured approach for all students to pastoral, general academic and professional support. The Personal Tutor is a member of academic staff assigned to an individual student as a source of pastoral, general academic and professional support. The Personal Tutor, a key point of contact, will assist students with their transition into, and progression through, their Higher Education studies drawing on learner analytics as appropriate.

Teesside University Personal Tutoring Code of Practice can be accessed from within the Supporting Information Pane of the Quality Handbook – or just click here.

Slides that were discussed during the September 2018 Briefing Sessions can be found here.

Supporting Resources

SLS have produced some useful documents and guidance to help staff support students and these can be found here.

Using StREAM

We’ve released a page of resources for you with guidance on how to use the StREAM system. You can find this here:

Accompanied by helpful videos, the resources enable staff to continue effective personal tutoring whilst working remotely.