StREAM is the University’s Learner Analytics platform. The use of Learner Analytics is designed to support all students in maximising their chances of success and realising their potential. This guide will look at how to use StREAM, and take you through some of the practicalities of using it.

On this page, you will find guidance on:

  • Getting started with StREAM
  • M.I. Dashboard
  • My Students
  • Student Profiles
  • Interactions
  • Case Studies

For guidance around delivering Personal Tutoring online, please see the information provided here:

Getting started with StREAM

StREAM is accessed at It is “mobile responsive”, so you can also access StREAM through mobile devices such as a smart phone or an iPad.

M.I. Dashboard

M.I.Dashboard Provides a visual overview of engagement to all the students you have access to. The engagement charts display the same information in both visual and tabular form and provide a summary of recent interactions and alerts across all student profiles.

For those with more than one role within the system for example head of department you will be able to see all the students within your department and by clicking on the Tutees button a summary of engagement for your tutees only.

Across the top navigation bar are tabs to further access information on your individual students and view all recent interactions, alerts and exemptions.

For further information about StREAM and the M.I. Dashboard read our StREAM User Guide.

My Students

The My Students page gives a list of all the students you have access to. You can filter this list by using the filter options.  If you are a personal tutor, click the “My Tutees” button to display only students who are your tutees.

Filters options include; engagement levels, study modes and years. The filter options are useful for access data on specific groups of students quickly. From the My Students page you can search for specific students to access their individual student profile.

For further information about using Filters read the Filters – Quick Guide or the StREAM User Guide.

Student Profiles

A Student Profile page provides information on an individual student. The student can view all the information on their profile and will see this as their own landing page. The Engagement tab on the Student Profile visualises an individual student’s engagement over a given period of time.

The interactive graph can be customised to display different date ranges and overlay events which have been recorded in StREAM such as Interactions, Alerts and Exemptions.

The Student Profile has various tabs which provide different information about the student including Interactions, Attendance and Resource usage.

For further information about StREAM and Student Profiles read our StREAM User Guide.

Please note that until the University returns to teaching on campus, attendance data is not being used to generate the StREAM engagement profile.


An Interaction is typically created by a personal tutor at a specific point in time as a result of a meeting with a student and/or when there is a need to intervene as a result of a student’s engagement profile.

An Interaction can include actions for the student to undertake and referrals to other University services.

For further information about Interactions read:

Case Studies

Research data is emerging on the impact of Learner Analytics solutions for students and institutional support mechanisms. Higher Education student perceptions after viewing their engagement data at one institution (Nottingham Trent University) has provided some key insights. Students reported back that they felt confident in their studies and engagement with learning after viewing their dashboard data.

For some viewing their engagement profile and cohort average motivated them to work harder. These finding indicate that allowing student access to their data helps them to reflect on their learning journey and self regulate. Personal tutor interactions on the system were also found to be important for students with a majority asking for guidance to be recorded within these notes. At an institutional level access to student engagement information within a single system has allowed for improved identification of potential at risk students in a shorter time frame.

To read further into these NTU findings please see:

Case Study Zero: NTU Student Dashboard

The effectiveness of learning analytics for identifying at-risk students in higher education  (Foster & Siddle, 2019)

Data Protection

Click here to view Data Protection and StREAM

If you need any help with personal tutoring and/or using the StREAM system, please email