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Teesside University is committed to supporting our students in their learning experience, well-being and achievement; we do this through our Personal Tutoring Code of Practice. The following provides guidance for staff in ensuring Personal Tutoring continues in the event of disruption to teaching and/or meeting students on campus.


It is important for staff and students to continue to engage with StREAM during any disruption to teaching on campus. StREAM (Student Retention Engagement Achievement Monitoring) is the University’s learner analytics platform pulling together individual student data reflecting their level of engagement in various aspects of their University learning experience. Its primary focus is to help students understand their learning experience providing data they can use to review their own activities and make decisions based on that knowledge. It provides insights to Personal Tutors enabling an unbiased picture of student engagement. It can help to focus the attention of the tutor towards the students requiring help and support.

StREAM can be accessed remotely from

Using StREAM – Video Resources

We’ve released a page of resources with guidance on how to use the StREAM system. You can find this here:

You can also read the complete User Guide which explains how to use StREAM in more detail.

Virtual Personal Tutor Meetings

There are several different approaches to supporting your students through virtual communication. This can be done both asynchronously (communication that is not time-dependant) and synchronously (communication that occurs in real time), depending on your needs. Through constant communication, you can keep your students motivated and engaged with their studies.


Blackboard supports multiple approaches to supporting students – see Blackboard for Online Delivery for more information.


All staff and students have access to Microsoft Teams. This can be used for group support but also individual support. Microsoft have provided a quick start guide that will help you utilise this tool.


Through Collaborate. Collaborate sits inside a Blackboard module, and it is recommended you contact the eLearning team first to discuss using this tool. Blackboard has comprehensive guidance on using Collaborate that will also assist you.


Communication with students can also be done via StREAM. Interactions are two-way conversations that can take place between tutors and students. All parties can comment on an interaction, thus providing asynchronous communication

For support with StREAM