The PSF, which was last revised in 2011, is a framework used in many parts of the world to support and recognise staff development and benchmark success in teaching and learning in higher education. The review of the PSF began in November 2021 and has drawn on a strong evidence base with a broad consultative process. A sector-led Steering Group had oversight of the review, which was carried out by a Project Team of colleagues from across the sector; Advance HE facilitated this work. Respecting both the global nature of higher education and the range of contexts within which the PSF is now recognised, the Steering Group and the Project Team have had proportional international representation.

PSF 2023 is the outcome of a sector-wide consultation with over 800 academics and higher education professionals from more than 20 countries and the following link provides all related information to the PSF:

Teesside University has its own Professional Development Framework for teaching and supporting learning in Higher Education: RELT (Recognising Excellence in Learning and Teaching). It encompasses our PgCLTHE taught programme and our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme; it is accredited by Advance HE providing external and independent confirmation that these programmes are aligned with the Professional Standards Framework for Teaching and Supporting Learning in Higher Education.

Given the launch of the New PSF, as an accredited institution, we have started to plan our approach around transitional arrangements from the ‘old’ to the ‘new’ PSF. AHE are currently in discussion with their Accreditation Expert Advisory Group around transition arrangements and the plan is to have everything finalised for April 2023. Once we have the transition process from AHE we will provide further information around how Teesside will make the transition. Any colleagues currently registered as progressing Fellowship applications, through the CPD Programme within RELT, will not be affected by the transition arrangements; they will continue to align their practices to the PSF (2011) and submit their applications as intended in either Spring 2023 or Autumn 2023.

If colleagues have any queries, please contact Nicola Poppitt:

New Professional Standards Framework – PSF 2023
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  • February 8, 2023 at 13:37

    The new framework is more comprehensive, clearer and more visually appealing then the previous one. I consider the changes to be positive.

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