Designers with a Conscience: Part 3

2nd Year Product Design Student Stephen Mounser was awarded bronze in the Creative Conscience Awards 2014

Design concept for an artificial coral reef that speeds up coral regrowth and aids biodiversity whilst also helping countries that may be struck by natural disasters

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Designers with a Conscience: part 2

2nd Year Product Design Student Martins Elerts was highly commended in the Creative Conscience Awards 2014

Solar Stove Light and Solar Stove Plus are portable ovens which have been created specifically for us in refugee camps. They use solar energy and diffused sunlight to cook food and the visual language is inspired by Syrian architecture and Syrian beehive houses. The Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan hosts Syrians fleeing violence. Solar Stoves will give refugees more of a sense of normality and control, as well as enabling them to be active in the refugee community

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