Congratulations to the colleagues below who were successful in their recent applications, through the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programme, and achieved their respective Fellowship Awards.


Annabelle James                  SSSHL         Award Senior Fellow HEA

Dr Alex Kyriakopoulos        SSSHL         Award Senior Fellow HEA

Daniel Moore                        SHLS            Award Senior Fellow HEA

Daniel Mitchell                    SLAR            Award Associate Fellow HEA


Teesside University’s Professional Development Framework for Teaching and Supporting Learning: Recognising Excellence in Learning and Teaching (RELT) encompasses our taught and CPD programmes. RELT is accredited by Advance HE providing external and independent confirmation that our PgCLTHE and CPD Programmes are aligned with the Professional Standards Framework (PSF). It provides participants with the opportunity to be professionally recognised through the Advance HE’s Fellowship Scheme; you can find out more about RELT here.

The PSF has recently been reviewed and the PSF (2023) was launched in January 2023. We are currently working through transition arrangements for moving our provision from the old to the new PSF – you may have heard about this and can find out more information at this link here. For those colleagues interested progressing Fellowship recognition, through the CPD Programme, monthly workshops will resume next academic year; further updates, along with details about the workshops (once they resume) will be promoted via LTE Online.




Fellowship Successes through the University’s Professional Development Framework
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