Apple have curated several short videos to help discover how the Accessibility Features built into your Apple devices can help you do more. These features include Speak Screen, Assistive Touch and custom commands with voice control.

How to add accessibility features to your Apple Device

The following video shows you how to make the accessibility features available on your device. There are a range of different features that assist with hearing, vision and physical and motor issues.

Reader View and Speak Screen

Reader View converts many web pages into a simpler interface by removing any unnecessary graphics and presenting the text in an accessible font.

The speak screen feature allows you to have anything on the web page read out loud. You can amend the settings so that it reads out the entire screen, or only the sections that you click on within an article.

The following video shows you how to enable these features.

Spoken Content

Your Apple device can read out everything on the page or certain sections with the Spoken Content feature. This feature also offers feedback and text corrections as you type. The speak selection tool within this feature reads text from notes, mail, books, safari and more. For more information on what this tool offers and how to set it up, watch the following video:

AssistiveTouch Customisation

You can customise AssistiveTouch to perform a range of different actions to make your device a lot easier to use. For example, double tapping the button to access the control centre or home screen is just a couple of ways in which you can utilise the feature. Further information on how you can use this feature is available in this video:

Dictation and Edit Text

With the Voice Control feature you can use dictation and edit text with your voice, which is useful for users with limited mobility. Voice control allows you to edit existing text and make corrections, without the need to use the keyboard. More information on the utilisation of dictation and editing text can be found here:

We have only covered a few of the accessibility features available on Apple devices here. To find out more about these as well as many others, you can find further information on the Apple website:

Updates to LTE Online

To support you to master the digital solutions provided by the university. We have expanded our digital delivery learning and support resources on LTE online. We now have enhanced support resources of hybrid delivery on the following topics:

  • Blackboard for Hybrid Delivery
  • Lecture Capture – ReView/Panopto
  • Alternative Online Assessment Arrangements
  • Digital Empowerment
  • Delivering Personal Tutoring Remotely
  • Online Communication & Collaboration
  • Staff Guides to Support Practice through the Hybrid Delivery Model
  • TU Online

Key highlights of the recent additions to the site includes advice on synchronous communication for collaboration with effective use of both Teams and Blackboard Collaborate. The lecture capture section details use of lecture capture for hybrid delivery including using the Panopto iPad app. The guidance on Blackboard includes further information on developing assessments and learning resources for your module. Under digital empowerment you can access online training resources to develop your digital teaching skills whilst off site with both Apple and Microsoft Teams. There are now staff guides to support practice through the hybrid delivery model. These provide guidance on the four core themes for designing and delivering courses: Personal Tutoring, Student Engagement, Flexible Assessment, and Creative Learning.

For further support with this, please contact

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