Future Facing Learning Digital Development Programme

The standard (face to face) Digital Development Programme (DDP) is designed to equip staff with the knowledge and skills to enhance their pedagogical practice through the use of various digital tools. Colleagues take part in an interactive one-day session, facilitated by a Digital Learning Developer, during which we discuss ‘FFL Toolkit’ key applications, their potential uses from a learning and teaching perspective and provide some hands-on support for colleagues to familiarise themselves with the Apple iPad device and interface.

Until we are in a position to resume face to face support, the Digital Learning Team have developed a series of online resources for colleagues to help familiarise yourself with the ‘FFL Toolkit’ applications and the Apple iPad itself. These resources are hosted in a Microsoft Team.  Colleagues can request access by emailing elearning@tees.ac.uk

The Digital Learning Team continue to offer a responsive query service and the facility for colleagues to request an online ‘drop-in’ (facilitated through MS Teams) with one of our Digital Learning Developers, both via elearning@tees.ac.uk

Apple iPad

Apple provide a large amount of general support around using your iPad, if you require more specific support around non learning and teaching tasks please contact IT Help.

Apple Teacher is a free professional learning programme designed to support educators in using Apple tools and software. Self-paced learning packages around topics such as Productivity, Creativity and the iPad in general are available.

The Apple Teacher Learning Centre – https://blogs.tees.ac.uk/lteonline/2020/04/15/apple-teacher-learning-centre/
Apple Resources for Remote Learning – https://blogs.tees.ac.uk/lteonline/2020/03/30/apple-resources-remote-learning/

Microsoft Teams

Instructor-led training for Microsoft Teams – https://blogs.tees.ac.uk/lteonline/2020/04/16/instructor-led-training-for-teams/

Course Title: Collaborate faster using Microsoft Teams for higher education staff.
Duration: 1 hour
Link to Course: https://education.microsoft.com/en-us/course/18ceabf5/overview

Course Title: Transform Learning with Microsoft Teams
Duration: 1 hour
Link to Course: https://education.microsoft.com/en-us/course/9c9f5c11/overview