As we continue our journey in the planning and designing for delivery of courses as part of a hybrid model, we must keep in mind that principles of good assessment design such as equitable and appropriate assessment methods, clear and transparent criteria, and timely feedback, remain key considerations. Some assessment formats have proven particularly challenging when switching to online delivery, including, for instance, making alternative plans for a substantial diet of unseen, time-constrained, invigilated exams to be undertaken remotely.

The newly published LTE Bites No.7 ‘Designing Take Home Examinations’ staff guide outlines a range of ways that a traditional exam could be adapted for an online context.

This new resource builds on earlier guidance on planning for and designing ‘Flexible Assessment arrangements in a Hybrid Model’ and the ‘Considerations and Resources for Supporting Different Assessment Methods in a Hybrid Model’ resource.

Where can I find the LTE Bites Resources?

LTE BITES represents Academic Registry’s ongoing commitment to providing the highest quality pedagogic support and guidance to academic staff. Comprising a series of practical resources designed to engage university staff with the latest pedagogic thinking, research and practice both institutionally and from a wider sector perspective. View the whole LTE Bites Assessment series here.

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