Within the Teesside University Digital Strategy 2018-20, the University is currently running a VLE Review as part of the Strategic Transformation and Change Programme. The purpose of the project is to comprehensively review the existing VLE through extensive stakeholder engagement and subsequently implement an enhanced solution, underpinned by an institutional strategic approach to VLE utilisation and enhancement.

As part of the VLE Review,  we are testing a range of solutions to identify the best fit VLE solution for the medium to long term. Specifically this would be the VLE for on-campus teaching (currently known as eat.tees.ac.uk).

We would like to ask you to be part of this exercise and help the university choose the best online teaching environment for the coming years.

You don’t need to be thought of as a VLE “expert” or “power user”. Whatever your previous experience we would be very grateful for your opinions. After all, it’s more important that we choose a product that is easy to use and understand for all users, especially new users, rather than just the “experts”.

What is involved?

  • One or (if you have time) two hours of your time.
  • Sitting at a PC (or mobile device) on campus and completing the same task on each of the VLE products.
  • We will ask you for your general impressions of each product and then specifically how obvious/easy or obscure/hard you found it to complete each task.
  • We will ask you to score your experience on a sliding scale of 1 to 10 in a number of areas.
  • Any contributions or comments will be strictly anonymous. Nobody outside the room will know who said what.
  • That’s it! There is nothing else to do before or after the testing session.

When and Where is it taking place?

Tuesday 8th October Between 1pm and 4pm TBS 1.15
Wednesday 9th October 1pm and 5pm TBS 1.15
Thursday 10th October 9am and 2pm TBS 1.14
Friday 11th October 1pm and 4pm TBS 1.15
Tuesday 15th October 11am and 12.30pm CL 1.88
Wednesday 16th October 1pm and 5pm TBS 1.15
Thursday 17th October 10am and 12pm CL 1.88

How do I book?

  • No need to book, please just turn up.
  • Though, if you get the chance, emailing us at elearning@tees.ac.uk will allow us to plan the sessions more effectively.
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