Wednesday October 16th – 10.00am-12noon in room M4.01

This workshop is an opportunity for colleagues to engage with and reflect on different models for effective assessment and feedback practices and to gain valuable insights and practical guidance into ways they might optimise their own assessment practices for themselves and their students. The workshop itself aims to provide an open and supportive environment within which to critically consider sector best practice, bringing together cutting edge examples of innovative assessment and feedback practice. The workshop will cover a range of topics, including:

•  How to ‘design in’ assessment flexibility.
•  Approaches to delivering high impact assessment feedback
•  Devising authentic assessment activities and processes
•  Strategies for nurturing students’ assessment literacy

Colleagues will be supported in crafting a principled, evidence-informed approach to devising enhancements in their own assessment and feedback practice. The session comprises a series of activities designed to share and review contemporary developments in assessment and feedback, synthesising key evidence and insights into workable plans for developing and facilitating sustainable practice-level change.

To book your place on the workshop, please click here.

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