Examples of Flexible Assessment in Practice

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Prioritising flexible assessment arrangements in a hybrid model means shifting on to more sustainable approaches designs that are sensitive to the needs and circumstances of students, giving them more control and ownership over assessment processes. ‘Flexibility’ in assessment is about responding to students’ individual learning needs as well as needs of the curriculum. The key is making assessment relevant to the learner.

Introducing the Accessibility Help Guides

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Academic Registry will be publishing a series of help guides over the next 3 weeks every Tuesday and Thursday to assist staff in developing inclusive learning resources.  These step by step guides will help everyone meet the requirements of the new accessibility regulations with comprehensive advice.  Guidance will cover various topics such as accessibility features of various tools available to us all and simple techniques we can use to ensure resources are accessible as possible.

Instructor-led training for Microsoft Teams – Did you know?

Instructor-led training for Microsoft Teams – Did you know?

Did you know that Microsoft provide online training classes for Teams? All classes are live and led by instructors whom advise on multiple aspects of using Teams and answer any questions you may have. What topics are covered? 30 minute orientation, Teams introduction for educators and staff in higher education, Online classes and lectures with all your students, Run effective meetings and Working from home…