A reminder that the deadline for Microsoft Innovator Educator Expert (MIE Experts) professional recognition scheme is this Monday 17th June. MIE Experts are educators and staff who are passionate about their work, are collaborative, change makers, who strive to empower students to achieve, whilst supporting and promoting the culture change necessary in their Schools/Departments/course teams.  Completing the MIEE will support your professional recognition goals; Fellowship of Advance HE, evidencing commitment to personal development and professional updating.  

Please take a look at the guidance below on the steps to become a MIE Expert. For all questions, clarifications and support requests please reach out to us via elearning@tees.ac.uk. We’d be happy to help set up support to guide you through this.

Steps to becoming an MIEE

Become a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert by completing your self-nomination by June 17, 2024.  But first, make sure you’re set up for success by viewing the following guidance:

Microsoft Education Program Nomination Tool


MIEE 2024

Become a Microsoft Innovator Educator Expert (MIEE) in 2024
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