StREAM now has new meeting categories to record contact with between both Personal Tutors and Apprenticeship Quality Coaches. The new categories ‘meeting notes’ and ‘meeting booking’ are intended to improve clarity between recording meeting organisation and meeting outcomes.

Interaction Categories

Personal Tutor – Meeting Booking

Use this category to record contact been made with tutees with regard to organising meetings.  Such as inviting tutees to a meeting and subsequent follow up contact. For example, contacting a student with the offer of support with an invitation to organise a meeting. ‘Personal Tutors – Meeting Booking’ are the place to record all invites, notes and confirmation of attendance of formal Personal Tutor contact points.

Personal Tutor – Meeting Notes

Outcome of personal tutor meeting from an academic perspective with a record of any relevant actions. Enter a short description, the agreed outcomes and / or a list of actions you wish the student to complete. Please remember that this section of the text will be visible to all who have access to this student’s record. Ensure the interaction is meaningful and details the following activities:

  • Refers to a student intervention linked to a specific engagement activity.
  • Information about the action needed to be taken.
  • Supportive and allows students to independently improve their studies.
  • Notes of any pertinent contact/update outside of formal Personal Tutor contact points.

In addition to personal tutor meeting two new categories are now on StREAM to record apprenticeship quality coach meeting bookings and coaching meeting notes

Apprenticeship Quality Coach – Meeting Booking

Applies to all contact made to organise a coaching meeting with apprenticeship students.  The same criteria applies for personal tutor meeting booking as above.

Apprenticeship Quality Coach – Meeting Notes

Applies to all apprenticeship coaching meeting outcomes to record meaningful interactions with students as with personal tutor meeting notes above.

Recording tutor meetings and interactions in StREAM
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