Colleagues in SSSHL are delivering another session under the Teaching a Culturally Diverse Student Population – Staff Training Series

Wednesday 29th March 2023, 14:00hrs – 15:00hrs 

Teesside University aims to be a global institution that provides an excellent international experience through partnerships and networks across the world, for example through diversifying and enriching the University by recruiting students and staff from across the world and encouraging students to become global citizens by creating international opportunities throughout their University experience.

The accompanying drive for internationalising learning and teaching at the University leads to an interesting discussion regarding the English which is used in the classroom by both the teacher and the learners.

In this session, ‘Questions of English in the classroom’, the English Language Centre will lead an exploration of approaches to effective communication, how audience and purpose play a role in this consideration and what strategies can be used to promote better understanding for all students.

To book a place on this session please click here. 

Questions of English in the Classroom – Wed 29th March, Book Now!

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