SLAR are currently supporting 15 colleagues to progress applications through the UK Advising and Tutoring (UKAT) Professional Recognition Scheme; further details are provided below.

We have had our first success within this cohort, and in the category of: Recognised Leader in Advising – Joanne Irving-Walton.  This is a huge achievement and rightly recognises Joanne’s sustained record of effective leadership around academic advising / personal tutoring.

Many congratulations to Joanne Irving-Walton for this achievement.

The aim of the UKAT Professional Recognition Scheme is to give greater recognition to tutors and advisors, and the contribution that personal tutoring/academic advising make to student persistence and success. The scheme is akin to the Advance HE HEA Fellowship scheme but focused exclusively on personal tutoring and academic advising. It awards formal recognition to applicants at one of three levels based on the submission of a reflective portfolio of evidence of their practice:

Recognised Practitioner in Advising

Recognised Senior Advisor

Recognised Leader in Advising

Further details about the UKAT Professional Recognition Scheme can be found here:

Individual Recognition in Personal Tutoring through UKAT’s Professional Recognition
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