Do you have an idea for researching an aspect of your teaching practice, but you are unsure how to develop it into an actionable project? Are you new to pedagogic research and want to gain a better understanding of the available frameworks and methodologies? Perhaps you are interested in developing a new pedagogic research programme and are looking for ways of developing a wider, inter-disciplinary, focus?

Whatever your focus, it has never been more important for us as educators to understand what approaches and strategies enhance student learning and engagement, and to be able to effectively assess the impact of our teaching and learning strategies. The focus of the ‘Conducting Pedagogic Research’ online workshop is to support academic colleagues interested in planning, undertaking, and critiquing pedagogical research alongside their existing discipline research and scholarship. The workshop will build staff confidence in pedagogic research methods and leave staff better equipped to research the impact their teaching and learning strategies have on student engagement and student learning.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Understanding pedagogic research and its place in higher education teaching and learning;
  • The range of pedagogic research methods;
  • Issues in designing pedagogic research;
  • The ethics of pedagogic research with your own students;
  • Assessing and critiquing existing pedagogic research.

Further Guidance: to accompany the workshop, LTE have launched Conducting Pedagogic Research: A Short Guide offering supplemental guidance and information around the key considerations for developing and completing pedagogic research.

Format: The workshop itself takes place via Microsoft Teams at 14:00-16:00 on Monday 26th October and will be split between interactive activities considering case studies of pedagogic research and its impact, and opportunities to consider, discuss and design future pedagogic research projects.

How to book: To book your place on this workshop, please click here. For all enquiries please contact Sam Elkington (Principal Lecturer, Learning and Teaching):

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