Staff may be aware of the recent announcement from Microsoft that the MS Sway iOS app is being retired. LTE have received a few queries about the implications of this on the Future Facing Learning Toolkit, which is deployed to staff and student iPads.

In summary, the app will be removed from the App Store on 19th October 2018 and will stop working on December 17th, 2018. However, the LTE team wish to reassure you that this announcement does not affect what we are doing and this should not change any plans you may have to use Microsoft Sway with your students.

Currently, all of your ‘Sways’ are accessible both in the app and through the web version at It does not matter whether these are created in the app or through the web version. When the app is retired, you will be able to access existing ‘Sways’ and create new ones through Indeed the web version does everything the app does and more.

Future Facing Learning Toolkit – Microsoft Sway App
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