Posters in Parliament is a prestigious national exhibition of undergraduate research posters within the Houses of Parliament. Two Teesside University students will be offered the opportunity to present their undergraduate research at this prestigious event on Tuesday 20th February. Posters in Parliament is attended by MPs and Peers. Participating in Posters in Parliament is a fantastic opportunity for students to showcase their research and presentation skills at a prestigious national event.

Posters should outline an undergraduate research project undertaken during the final year of undergraduate study and describe the importance of the research to a non-specialist audience. Posters should be A0 portrait in orientation. The competition is open to final year undergraduates and alumni who graduated in 2017. Entries will be judged on the quality of the research and presentation.

The following information may be of use:

Posters in Parliament 2018

Designing a Poster Presentation

How to Create a Research Poster

Please submit your entry to by Friday 19th January. All submissions will be reviewed by an internal panel. Outcomes will be communicated to all applicants by Friday 26th January.

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