From November 2017, the University will be adopting a revised approach to the design and delivery of module evaluations through implementing the EvaSys online system. EvaSys is the leading suite for module evaluations in the UK and is used widely across the sector. It will allow much of the module evaluation process to be automated and will deliver a consistent approach across the University.

The adoption of EvaSys is designed to inform the enhancement of learning and teaching across the University, and therefore contribute to the delivery of an outstanding student and learning experience. Through engaging staff and students in the evaluation and reporting process, EvaSys will stimulate meaningful dialogue concerning pedagogic practice and the student experience.

The module evaluation window will open on Monday 13 November and close on Sunday 26 November. During this period, students will be able to access the survey through email, Blackboard or the MyTU Student Portal. Based on current sector practice, module evaluations are most effectively conducted when students are encouraged to complete them in class.

The survey will consist of eight short questions exploring the student experience of the module. Students may also leave free text comments. A key benefit of EvaSys lies in the system’s ability to generate instant reports for Module Leaders as the survey window closes. In addition, Module Leaders can generate and distribute student-facing Module Reflections and staff-facing Module Reviews.

LTE will be delivering the following briefings for staff on EvaSys Module Evaluations over the coming weeks:

Date Details
 Wednesday 1st November 2017  15.30-16.15
T1.10, The Curve
 Thursday 2nd November 2017  15.10-15.55
T1.10, The Curve
 Friday 3rd November 2017  15.10-15.55
OL7, Europa Building
 Tuesday 7th November 2017  10.10-10.55
M1.31, Middlesbrough Tower
 Wednesday 8th November 2017  15.10-15.55
T1.10, The Curve
 Friday 10th November 2017  14.10-14.55
G0.31, Greig Building

No booking is required. Please contact us if you require any further information.

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