Let’s face it – we’re all busy people.. as demands on our time increase it’s very easy to jump from one task to the next without having chance to absorb what’s just happened.

Earlier this week I put together details of training/teaching/support sessions the Learning Technologists within Academic Registry have offered over the past 12 months.  I was about to fall into the usual trap of finishing the task and moving on when I read through the list in more detail and thought; “hang on a minute – we’ve actually done quite a lot of stuff here and across quite a broad range of topics..”.

I won’t reel off the entire list for you but to give you a flavour, there’s things in there on: Inclusive Learning Resources; Formative/Summative Assessment and Feedback; E-Portfolios and CPD; Mobile Technology; Open Badges; Digital Literacy; Online Classrooms/Webinars; Social Media and Employability.

That’s quite a varied offering and one that we’re looking to expand upon with a new timetable of sessions to start in September 2016.

So partly this post is a pat on the back for the team and partly it’s to make a little more public the type of things we’re able to provide for colleagues across the University and its partner institutions.

We’ll be circulating information on 2016/17 sessions very soon and hope to see as many people as possible.

Looking back…
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