We pleased to advertise the opportunity for a current full-time Teesside Undergraduate or Postgraduate student to undertake the role of a paid research assistant on a large multi-university Collaborative Research Project supported by the University Alliance (UA).

Proposal: Building upon the methodological work and findings of the QAA Collaborative Enhancement project, the purpose of the proposed programme of work is to extend the focus to years 2 and 3 of the pandemic and to identify and examine evidence of ‘sustainable inclusive assessment practices’ and their impact on the ability of higher education (HE) providers to improve student retention and success.

With a sharper focus on practice-level innovations in inclusive assessment, this project aims to better understand ‘What Works’ in the context of inclusive assessment for student ‘success’ and ‘retention’, distilling actionable insights and models for practice across disciplines.

The role is based on students working a maximum of 70 hours (this includes 10hrs for mandatory induction and training) between February and July 2023 with remuneration of £11.48 per hour.

For more detailed information, include Job Description and Person Specification, and how to apply –

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Students as Researchers Post

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