In the run up to Future Facing Learning: The Education Revolution Conference, we will be posting a series of blog posts to share information about our panellists. In this blog, we will be sharing the profile of panel convenor and spotlight presenters for the ‘Digital Divide and Supporting Inclusive Learning’ theme – Sue Stockwell, Dr Rob Ewin, Dr Mansoor Soomro, Kieron Metcalf.

Sue Stockwell

Sue is Head of Careers and Employability at Teesside University and a Fellow of the HEA. Working in higher education since 2007, Sue began by managing part of a HEFCE collaborative project involving 28 North-East universities and colleges, in partnership with employers and sector bodies. With extensive experience of employability in FE and HE, Sue has managed teams to prepare graduates for rapidly changing career paths so that they are future ready. Improving students’ and graduates’ life chances is a driver for Sue, who is motivated by contributing to positive outcomes for all students through service excellence, diversity and inclusion.

Dr Rob Ewin

Rob is Detective Sergeant at Cumbria Constabulary. His presentation is titled “Education is Liberation. Rob’s talk will explore how universities are places for opportunities, growth and becoming best versions of ourselves. As a Police Officer and he has supported prisoners to learn through ‘learning together’. We owe to those not within these circumstances to adapt and overcome to deliver education. Universities are hubs for innovation and reaching out, delivering visionary displays of inclusive learning. This could be across digital platforms, inside prison walls, or in the classroom. Whatever the barrier we should adopt and overcome to educate inclusively.

Dr Mansoor Soomro

Mansoor is Senior Lecturer in Sustainability and International Business at Teesside University and a researcher, executive educator, and corporate trainer. He has a unique blend of work experience drawing from his work in the corporate industry and academia. In the past, he served in various international leadership roles with the global engineering giant: SIEMENS. His presentation is titled “Sustainability and learning that solves world problems: Creating global problem solvers”. The presentation will focus on collective responsibility and the role educational institutions play in this.

Kieron Metcalf

Kieron was a lawyer and now lecturer in Cumbria. He co-leads the institution’s online learning Masters in Law programs. He has authored textbook chapters in AI & Law and helps develop and
implement the university’s digital capabilities project. His presentation is titled “Tried and tested factors for 100% success in an OL student experience”. The presentation will explore the factors that have made the design, development and delivery of online learning a 100% successful inclusive learning experience on a Law Masters program with over 1000 students (2013-present head count) from approximately 20 countries.

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Future Facing Learning: The Education Revolution Conference – Meet A Panellist

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