A reminder that SLAR will be delivering the following Continuous Professional Development during week commencing 17th January 2022. Please use the links below to book on.

PGR/PTL Learning and Teaching Induction

Tuesday 18th January, 10.00am – 11.30am via MS Teams

The Learning and Teaching Induction will introduce colleagues to the various support that exists across the University and outline the University’s strategic context (Teesside 2025) discussing Future Facing Learning and the Academic Enhancement Framework.  During the session, we will signpost colleagues to key sources around learning and teaching (L & T) support, networks and information (LTE Online) and will provide further information around the key roles and responsibilities of an academic. This will include content around Personal Tutoring, Assessment and Feedback, Continuous Monitoring and Evaluation (including Module Evaluations) and Digital Learning at TU.  The University’s Professional Development Framework and the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) will be discussed providing the opportunity for new academic staff to discuss specific needs relating to their future CPD and L & T support.

For more information and to book a place on this session,  please email G.Reed@tees.ac.uk

Personal Tutoring: Managing Boundaries and knowing when to refer when dealing with student mental health and welfare

Thursday 20th January, 10.00am- 12noon via MS Teams

This session will focus on information for student facing staff who might be presented with a student in distress. The session aims to inform staff about strategies they can use to de-escalate a situation and what questions to ask to find out relevant information to refer appropriately. Boundaries will be explored so that staff feel confident about appropriate actions when managing a potential crisis situation and can identify when specialist intervention is required.

For more information and to book this session, please click here.

Introduction to the Academic Workload Management Framework and Academic Workload System for Academic staff 

Thursday 20th January, 3pm-4.30pm via MS Teams

As a follow on to the initial Academic Learning and Teaching Induction this session will introduce academic staff to the AWMF along with discussing the process of workload planning, publishing and accepting workload allocations.

For more information and to book this session, please click here.

Developing Practice in Personal Tutoring: PT Code of Practice

Friday 21st January, 9.30-11am via MS Teams

This session will focus around the University’s Personal Tutoring Code of Practice; we will discuss its aims and rationale and the key principles that form the basic underpinning of the Code.  We will explore the key responsibilities of Personal Tutoring at Teesside and the pastoral, academic and professional/career conversations that take place between tutor and tutee.

For more information and to book this session, please click here.

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