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This webinar will consider equality, diversity and inclusion within advising and tutoring, and the implications for future research and practice.  The session will be in three parts: (1) firstly, we will provide a brief overview of a content analysis project, led by the NACADA Research Center at Kansas State University, which considers the thematic profile of advising research, tying in this narrative with the overall student success landscape and reflecting on why EDI should become a dominant theme in future advising research and discourse;  (2) Secondly, as part of the content analysis research project, work has been completed to analyse EDI themes within the advising literature, the outcomes of which will be shared in this session and (3) Thirdly, we will reflect on work which needs to take place to improve EDI within advising and tutoring, reflecting on areas of research and practice which require further enquiry.

There will be time for questions and discussions following the presentation.

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UKAT Webinar – Tutoring Matters – Equality, Diversity and Inclusion within Advising and Tutoring – Research and Practice
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