Blended learning approaches use multiple methods to deliver learning. This type of learning offers students a chance at self-directed learning, as well as digital literacy. It is also a more flexible approach to online learning. There may be times in the near future when you will have to switch between online learning to face-to-face learning. By considering the different ways in which you can apply blended learning, this may help to ease the transition.

How can I use Teams for blended learning?

Microsoft Teams is a great tool to use when moving towards blended learning. In Teams, students and tutors have access to Word, PowerPoint, OneNote and a range of other Microsoft software which covers most of the classroom essentials. These tools are available both on and off campus, and make it easier for you to send materials to your students, host live sessions and monitor progress.

If you want to learn more about Teams, you could consider trying out some short online courses to bring you up to speed! 


Students can use OneNote to work together on a document, this way, students can all contribute to the same document, and you are able to track who as contributed. This can be a good imitation of in-class group work, and enables you to find out which students could be struggling with the content and offer them more support if needed. Using OneNote also helps to create a sense of community and collaboration.

Using Teams as a forum

Another way to use Teams could be to set up a team as a forum space and encourage students to discuss a certain topic. This way, you can give quick feedback on comments students have made and monitor the conversation.

Video Calling

The video call function is a great way to host live sessions with your students. Imitating an on-campus classroom setting gives students an opportunity to ask questions about the content as it is being taught. You could also encourage the use of video calling as a way of carrying out group work. Another way of using this function could be to give feedback, either on an individual basis or as a group. For more information on hosting live sessions with Teams, try this blog post:

The following link explains some examples of how other members of staff have used Teams:

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Getting the most out of Teams for blended learning

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