Online learners can become stressed for a range of different reasons. This could be due to an unmanageable working environment, time constraints or their mental wellbeing. The following tips should provide you with some helpful advice to give your students whilst they are studying online.

Find a comfortable environment to work in

Your student’s work environment can be a main cause of stress. Having a space that’s cluttered or noisy can make students feel unsettled in their workspace.

  • Try to work when others in the house aren’t going to distract you. This could be at night if you feel comfortable working at this time.
  • Decorate your workspace to make it a more welcoming place to be.
  • Keep the room well ventilated, it is easy to become restless when a room is too hot or too cold.
  • Try to ensure that there is a good internet connection in your chosen workspace.

Time management skills

Encourage your students to apply their time management skills at this time. Having good time management is one of the best ways to handle pressure when working online. Here are some tips for better time management:

  • Create a timetable that includes all your activities for the day. There are a number of different timetables available online that you could utilise.
  • Create realistic plans you can achieve within a given time-frame. Do not make your tasks too big to handle, during this time it is important to find time for ourselves, and to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Consider mental wellbeing

This uncertain time is putting strain on everyone, so encourage your students not to put too much pressure on themselves and to do what they can in their environment. Reassure your students that they can reach out to you at any time and aim to offer them an alternative to the content if they are finding it hard to complete the tasks at home. The following link provides more information about looking after mental wellbeing during lockdown: 


These are just a few ways in which your students can learn effectively online and manage stress whilst doing so. By adopting effective tine management, finding an appropriate workspace and considering mental wellbeing, your students should be able to reduce feelings of pressure whilst carrying out self-directed learning.  


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