Did you know you can create quizzes and polls with Socrative and share them online with your students? Socrative is a quizzing tool designed specifically for education activities and can be used for engaging your students even when working remotely. With Socrative you can quickly develop polls to check student progress or build selfpaced quizzes with instant feedback for formative assessment.

What can Socrative do?

Socrative quizzes are quick to set-up with 3 question types:  

  • True or False
  • Short answer
  • Multiple choice

With these combinations of questions Socrative can be used for a multitude of purposes. Build instant response polls for synchronous sessions with a single multiplechoice question. Develop a self-paced quiz for revision with a combination of true/false and multiple choice. Short answer questions could be used for feedback. With these possibilities you can build a quick activity to share to your students.   

Steps to use Socrative

So how do you begin to use Socrative with your students while teaching remotely?

Create your account

Firstly you need to set up a free Socrative teacher account to create quizzes in Socrative. You can also do this with the free Socrative Teacher app on your mobile device. Your account needs a unique room name or code, keep it short and simple as students will need to use it to access your live quiz.   

Create a quiz 

Now you have a teacher account, go to your Quizzes tab and Add a Quiz. Select the question types you require and build up your questions into a quiz. You can also indicate, correct answers and provide brief feedback if required.   

Go live 

When your quiz is complete you need to add (or Launch in Socrative terms) your quiz into your room to make it available to your students. Click on the Launch tab in Socrative and add the quiz you want to share. You will be provided with some delivery options for sharing your quiz. Settings include instant feedback and open navigation that allows students to skip between questions before submitting their answers. For students studying remotely it is normally best to allow quizzes to be student paced so they can take the activity in their own time.

Note: With Socrative free account you can have one quiz live in your room at any one time and share it with up to 50 students 

Let your students join in 

Now your quiz is live you need to share the room name or code with your students. Students can either access the Socrative student login page online or the via the free Socrative Student app on a mobile device. They will need to enter your room name and then join your quiz.   

Check the results 

Now your quiz is live student responses are viewed on the Responses tab. This will provide a tabulated summary of responses next to student names (if requested). Once you have finished your activity you can also download customised reports for the whole class in Excel or for individual students in PDF.   

Creating quizzes and polls using Socrative – Did you know?

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