UKAT has established a space on the UKAT Learning system to share resources and guidance on online tutoring, and for colleagues to discuss issues and share examples of practice in online tutoring. The content of this space will be added to and enhanced over the next few weeks and will be used to collate and share relevant resources and events that have been made publicly available within the UK and US. The space currently contains some guidance on freely available video conferencing tools, using video conferencing to support online tutoring, and links to webinars on using Microsoft Teams and Blackboard Collaborate for online tutoring.

The space is freely available for anyone to make use of and is not just limited to UKAT members. To access this space, visit and follow the instructions to sign up with your email address and choice of password. If you already have an account for the UKAT Learning system (e.g. because you are participating in the pilot of the UKAT Professional Recognition scheme), you do NOT need to create a new account and can login with your existing username and password.

Please do get involved in this online community. Contribute your questions and experiences, and help make this a valuable resource for supporting each other as we all adapt to different technological approaches to supporting our students.

Please note: If you are interested in the webinar on using Microsoft Teams, this is being delivered by NACADA colleagues at 15:00 today (Friday 20th March 2020). Apologies for the short notice, but we have only just been made aware of this.

Resources Supporting Online Personal Tutoring

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