Using Labour Market Insight for Portfolio Development

The aim of the Portfolio Development STC Project is to establish a consistent University model for curriculum design, academic delivery and curriculum portfolio management to drive the efficient and effective deployment of resource across the Schools, underpinned by future-facing market intelligence.

Labour market intelligence (LMI) provides a robust mechanism through employment and skills trends can be understood, with a particular emphasis on local and regional economies. Effective use of LMI can strengthen portfolio development through ensuring that courses provide positive outcomes for graduates, in alignment with employer demand.

This TRANSFORM lunch will provide an opportunity to learn more about the Portfolio Development STC Project and gain useful insights into the effective utilisation of LMI to inform academic practice. A brief demonstration of the utilisation of EMSI data as a tool for course teams will be provided by Emma Hoang, (Business Information Manager, DAE).

The TRANSFORM lunch will take place on 15th January 2020 1pm-2pm. If you would like to book a place on this please click here and select Learning and Teaching Enhancement CPD Offer.

Transform Lunches – Using Labour Market Insight for Portfolio Development
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