You will have seen the recent communication around StREAM, our new system which creates personalised engagement dashboards for students, and enables them to track their learning patterns and reach their full potential.  Using data we already have, such as attendance, log-in activity and card swipes, StREAM will generate an overall engagement score providing students with a better understanding of how they are engaging with their studies, and where they can improve….  The adoption of StREAM will be trialled with the School of Computing & Digital Technology and the School of Science, Engineering & Design from September, with a full rollout in Semester 2.

Professional development sessions for Personal Tutors in the School of Computing & Digital Technologies and the School of Science, Engineering & Design have been scheduled from early September, with further sessions for all Schools from October (to be advertised soon). 

Please click here to sign up for workshops.

Please see details below about a forthcoming related webinar that maybe of interest to colleagues.

Tutoring Matters – Proposing a FUN PIC N’ MIX Approach to Staff Teaching Enhancement Programmes (STEP) for Personal Tutors  Thursday, 19 September 2019 14:00

About This Webinar

One of the challenges of personal tutoring is that tutors may feel unready and lacking in specialist skills when asked to maximise the value of the small amount of contact time they have with their tutees. This webinar discusses a STEP curriculum for personal tutoring and whether this should be narrow and deep, or broad, balanced and shallow, tailored to their academic literacy, like a FUN PIC N’ MIX where tutors can experiment with a few specialist interventions of their choosing. It introduces several easily understood models that can benefit students and focuses particularly on three tricks of the trade: the one-minute rulesymmetries, and appropriate sign postingRegister here

Personal Tutoring through StREAM
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