Teesside University is in the early stages of implementing its recently developed Personal Tutoring Code of Practice providing an institutional wide personal tutoring system and approach. The Personal Tutor is a member of academic staff assigned to an individual student as a source of pastoral, general academic and professional support and many of our academic colleagues have taken on this role. Further information around The Code of Practice and Supporting Resources for Personal Tutors can be accessed via LTE Online.

UK Advising and Tutoring (UKAT) have recently announced the January to July 2019 schedule for their new free webinar series entitled ‘Tutoring Matters’. These monthly webinars are designed to support all those engaged with personal tutoring and advising and may be of interest to our Personal Tutors and also other colleagues across the University involved in supporting and advising our students.

The Titles of the Webinars are:

  • The UKAT Research Mentoring Programme
  • Research showcase – Knowing you: Learning Analytics, the Johari Window and Personal Tutoring
  • Research showcase – “How can I be an effective personal tutor and what is out there to help me do this?” A qualitative study into staff perceptions of their personal tutor role and the influence of key resources
  • Using solution-focused coaching with students
  • Institutional infrastructure
  • Using analytics
  • Setting up a PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) scheme to enhance the student experience

For further information and an overview of the programme please click here. Please note the first of these free webinars is taking place this Thursday.

UK Advising and Tutoring (UKAT) Webinars to Support Personal Tutors at Teesside University
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