Planning for diversity with Universal Design for Learning

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Here at Teesside University we now have a set of inclusivity principles to assist Schools, Departments and the University to plan for diversity across all aspects of the student experience. The adoption of a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) approach will support the creation of flexible ways of learning that also empower learners to develop both inside and outside the classroom…

My Degree, My Future: An LTE Conference

My Degree, My Future: An LTE Conference

The Oxford English Dictionary definition of Conference is “a formal meeting of people with a shared interest”, an apposite description of the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Conference on 16th March 2017. Students and staff from Teesside University and its partner colleges met to discuss employability and student futures, and it was great to see so many people engaged with this agenda…

Blackboard Teaching & Learning Conference 2010 – Swansea

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For the last few days I’ve been in Swansea for the first Blackboard Teaching & Learning Conference, a 3 day event hosted by Swansea University. Focused on innovation and looking forward, the conference had almost 50 presentations from institutions around the world and from Blackboard themselves, in this post I’ll be writing about some of the presentations I saw during the conference.