Assessment & Feedback


This workshop is an opportunity for colleagues to engage with and reflect on different models for effective feedback practices and to gain valuable insights and practical guidance into ways they might optimise their own assessment feedback processes for themselves and their students.

LTExChange Symposium Event – 3. “The Connected Student – The Value of Student-Staff Partnership Work in Preparing for a Globally Connected World”

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The annual LTExChange Symposia Series will bring together and engage key stakeholders to support new thinking and share practice innovations as we consider what it means to be a truly “Connected University” in what is an increasingly uncertain higher education landscape. Through the series we will be considering, more specifically, what it means for the university, staff and students to be ‘globally connected’ and how we can prepare our staff and students to adapt and develop ‘socially and ethically engaged’ approaches to learning that will meet future challenges.

Introduction to Academic Workload at TU

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This session will introduce academic staff to the Academic Workload Management Framework (AWMF) along with the process of workload planning, publication and acceptance of workload allocations.

How to Refer

Room TG.06 The Curve, Teesside University, Middlesbrough Campus

As a module tutor you may encounter students struggling with various aspects of their academic or personal lives. It can be useful to know how to respond to these situations and what advice to give.