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We’re thrilled to unveil the latest Digital Excellence Impact Case Study, featuring Ruth Boocock, an associate Professor of Enterprise, Knowledge & Exchange. ✨

The Digital Excellence Impact Case Studies are a platform to showcase digital excellence in learning and teaching practices and thinking across Teesside University.

In this case study, you will discover innovations in teaching and learning that are transforming the educational landscape. From the use of cutting-edge digital tools to creative instructional strategies, Ruth’s case study explores ‘Tests in Blackboard Ultra for Summative Assessment’.

Ready to explore? Read Ruth’s full case study and unlock a world of digital excellence!

Our case studies feature a broad spectrum of creative and innovative digital and online learning practices, including the integration of Blackboard, Microsoft and Adobe tools to enhance your curriculum.

Thank you for your ongoing support in championing digital innovation at Teesside University.


Thank you,

Digital Transformation Team


Digital Excellence Impact Case Study – Ruth Boocock

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