The second symposium in the series focused on the theme of ‘Connected Communities’ and we are delighted to welcome Professor Monika Foster (Northumbria University) as our keynote speaker for the event.

The title and outline for Moniker’s talk was “Globally Connected learning: Developing Learner Relationships in Global Higher Education, a Critical Pedagogy”.

Monika drew upon her own wide-ranging work engaging with principles and theory of international education, diversity, and relationship science, as well as critical pedagogy by way of exploring the ways we might maximise the benefits of diversity on programmes of study by relationship development among diverse students in diverse contexts.

Using research-informed examples and illustrative of different ‘Practice Frames’, Monika expertly discussed and outlined how we can design and facilitate critical academic practice to enable students to enact relationships with cultural others, whilst engaging in critical dialogue, exploring different and diverse perspectives, and making space for learning collaboratively to develop confidence and critical capabilities.

Emergent themes of ‘(inter)connection’, ‘productive diversity’, and ‘authenticity’ were picked up and considered in depth through the panel discussion component of the symposium. The panel, consisting of Jonny Munby (Accounting and Finance, TUIBS), Mike Graham, Jonathan Taylor, and Matthew Wright (Sport and Exercise Science, SHLS), and Rachel Dodd (Digital Journalism, SACI), brought together a range of innovative practice-based work aligned to, and further animating, the broader theme of ‘Connected Communities’ in learning and teaching.  Combined the disciplinary perspectives gleaned through the panel discussion provided valuable insights into what it means to be a truly “Connected University”.

You can access the recording of the Symposium here.


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The next LTExChange Symposium Event takes place on Wednesday April 24th (@ 13:00 – 15:00 via Microsoft Teams) and will focus on “The Connected Student”.

Our keynote speaker will be Professor Alison Cook-Sather (Bryn Mawr College, US) who will be talk about “the Value of Student-Staff Partnership Work in Preparing for a Globally Connected World”.

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Second LTExChange Symposium, February 28th – Connected Communities – Recap, Symposium Resources and what’s next!  

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