Are you a Link Tutor here at Teesside University? If so, then please read on about a staff development opportunity to enhance and support the Link Tutor activity you undertake.

As a Link Tutor at Teesside University you will support the coordination of partnership activity across Transnational Education (TNE), Teesside University College Partnership (TUCP) or Employer Partners (EP).

These sessions are designed to support your work with all of these types of collaborative partnerships and enhance process, relationship, share ideas and build a community of practice.

The sessions will run face to face and are 2 hours in length and will address the following themes –

  • Working with collaborative partner provision @ TU – effective communication, relationship building
  • TU Processes & Systems – Link Tutor responsibilities, support from all areas of SLAR.
  • Delivering excellence as a Link Tutor – building the LT network, examples of good practice, School case studies.

To book your place please click here – Upcoming Events › Booking Information › – LTE Online (

For more information on The TU Link Tutor Journey, please contact Gemma Reed (Partnership & Project Manager, Student Learning & Academic Registry)

The TU Link Tutor Journey – Attention all TU Link Tutors!

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