Teesside University aims to be a global institution that provides an excellent international experience through partnerships and networks across the world, for example through diversifying and enriching the University by recruiting students and staff from across the world and encouraging students to become global citizens by creating international opportunities throughout their University experience.

Thus, integrating students from various parts of the world, including from the United Kingdom, is crucial if we want to continue to promote a truly international learning and teaching community at Teesside.

In this session ‘Integrating students from various parts of the world’, we will explore what this means at TU, examples of what has been done successfully in TUIBS will be shared with participants, and there will be plenty of opportunities for discussion of how academics can contribute to the internationalisation of the learning environment.

The first session Integrating Students from Various Parts of the World will take place on Wednesday 1st February 2023 – 1pm – 2pm –  via Teams, delivered by colleagues in SSSHL.

To book a place please click here.

‘Teaching a Culturally Diverse Student Population’ staff training series – Wed 1st Feb, Book Now!
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