In the response to a staff request, the Multiple Markers feature for Turnitin in Blackboard Ultra has now been made available.

This feature allows for multiple instructors to mark a student assignment. Each instructor will be allocated a “layer” in which they can provide their feedback. Layers can be turned on or off to allow greater visibility and clarity of feedback.

In summary:

  • Comments / Annotations made by different people will be represented as different layers in Feedback Studio, which can be turned on or off separately.
  • Students will see comments tagged with the initials of the person who made them.
  • All staff can edit all comments on all layers.
  • There is still only one mark (i.e. the 20 out of 100 in the image below).

Multiple Markers is already turned on for TU Online.

Read more:

Turnitin: Multiple Markers Feature Now Turned On

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