The Check Your Work for Plagiarism organisation is now available on Blackboard Ultra. Students can use this area to check the originality of their assignment submission before submitting the final version to their module. It can also be used by staff colleagues for checking documents.

To access the Check Your Work for Plagiarism organisation, click on ‘Organisations’ in the base navigation menu on the left hand side of your Blackboard interface. From here you should be able to see Check Your Work for Plagiarism as well as a range of other organisations that are available to you.

How we define “plagiarism”

“Plagiarism” is not just about the deliberate copying of another piece of work. It is about producing an academic piece of writing with proper referencing and citation of other works, and which makes clear what is the work of the author and what is the work of others.

Like many other things, this is a skill which can take time and practice to get right. That is why we provide this area for students to check their work to ensure it meets these criteria.

The checker will provide students with a similarity report. A high score indicates a high level of detected plagiarism, and a low score a low level of detected plagiarism. There is no definite answer to the question “what is an acceptable similarity score?” Any text identified by the checker needs to be looked at by a person to see if something needs to be be fixed.

Some information on how it works

Staff and students can only add one piece of work at a time, if you need to keep your Similarity Report please download or print it before uploading another document. Uploading a document to Check Your Work for Plagiarism will not cause a match when the student uploads the same document to a real assignment.

You can submit as many documents as you like to the plagiarism checker, but Turnitin will only create an instant Similarity Report for the first three documents submitted each day. Further submissions in a single day may see a delay of up to 24 hours before Turnitin creates the Similarity Report.

Check Your Work for Plagiarism – Now Available!

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