What do External Examiners have access to in Blackboard Ultra?

External Examiner is a type of Blackboard module enrolment, in the same way that module leader or student is a type of module enrolment, although with different access rights. In simple terms, an external examiner can see what a student sees, plus all assignment submissions, grades and feedback, plus the Module Box area.

What is a Module Box?

Module Box is a content folder which is accessible only to module leaders and external examiners, and which contains material private to the external examining process.

There are two parts to enabling external examiner access to your module and your Module Box:

  1. Enrolling your External Examiners into your Blackboard module.
  2. Creating the Module Box

Both of these parts, as well as an instructional video, are available in the following help guide: Module Boxes and External Examiners in Blackboard Ultra – E@T Support – Staff (tees.ac.uk)

If you would like any further help with this, please contact eLearning@tees.ac.uk


External Examiner Enrolment in Blackboard Ultra
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