Teesside University users can now access all of the free content in the Adobe Stock Library! Having access to these different types of free content can really help you to improve your teaching content and make it more visual for learners. The types of content that is available are:

  • Images – there are a variety of images available for you to use, from background images, images for business and even food!
  • Vectors – this includes logos, icons and shapes for branding, patterns that can be used as backgrounds as well as something more fun like animal icons.
  • Videos – there are various types of videos that are available such as aerial shots of landscapes, amazing close ups of nature and also commercial activity for business.

For staff who are wanting to try out new software in Adobe, there are templates and 3D models for you to use as a starting point. This is a great way to test out all of the different programmes that are available to you as part of the Adobe Creative Suite.

If you would like to access the free content, click on this link: https://stock.adobe.com/uk/free

If you would like any further help or information, contact eLearning@tees.ac.uk

Free Adobe Stock Access for Staff!
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