UKAT’s next webinar is coming up on 18th March and is entitled Personalised Learning for the Student-Consumer, led by Angela Partington, Associate Professor at the University of Kingston.

Based on her recently published article in the Frontiers special edition on personal tutoring (, the webinar discusses the concepts of ‘student as consumer’ and ‘student as partner’.  Angela argues that the development of inclusive personal tutoring, which reflects the diversity of 21st century students, requires an approach which transcends the binary opposition between ‘student as partner’ and ‘student as consumer’. This involves recognising that students are active learner-consumers, already engaged in the development of their own identities, and that the co-creation of their learning experience is one of the ways they do this. It also requires the development of personal tutoring as a means of challenging the hidden curriculum, thereby enabling universities to adapt to students’ needs (rather than, or as well as, requiring students to adapt to universities’ expectations), through the recognition of personal tutoring as a specific area of academic expertise which facilitates personalised learning (not just the provision of individualised support).

For free tickets to the webinar, click here.

UKAT Free Webinar! Personalised Learning for the Student-Consumer
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