There are a few different ways to present PowerPoints in teams, such as sharing your desktop or uploading the PowerPoint into Teams and sharing it this way. However, the most convenient way of presenting PowerPoints is to share the presentation window. This is because sharing your desktop or uploading the PowerPoint directly into teams means that your entire screen is taken over by the presentation, meaning that you are unable to access any presenting notes or switch to another programme to make notes yourself. By presenting the PowerPoint through the presentation window, the presenter can activate several different features which will be discussed below. To do this, select the share content icon in the top right corner of the meeting and then choose the presentation within the windows section of the teams meeting. You must ensure that the PowerPoint is already open before starting the meeting, or it will not appear in the share options. Once your PowerPoint has uploaded, right click and choose ‘show presenter view’.

Presenter View

The presenter can see the current slide, the next slide, any presenting notes and they also can add captions and annotate the presentation.

Choosing a slide

The presenter can view all slides in the presentation and can skip to another slide further within the presentation effortlessly, without having to show the participants that there are slides being skipped.


Annotations can be added during the presentation behind the scenes, by selecting the pen and drawing directly onto the presentation slides. The viewer will only see the final annotations that you make.

Taking Notes

Using this presenter view, the presenter can also take notes elsewhere such as within OneNote behind the scenes whilst the viewers see the presentation without any disruption.


One of the most inclusive features in presenter view is the ability to turn on subtitles and captions during the presentation by selecting the ‘toggle subtitles’ button. Once this is turned on, Teams will generate live captions as the presenter speaks, and this can be done in several different languages. There is also the option to change where the subtitles will appear, such as above or below the slide or directly onto the slide interface.

The following video provides information on this in more detail as well as demonstrations on how to set up presenter view:

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Presenting PowerPoints Through Teams
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