This post will look at some of the more common questions we get at the start of the new academic year.

How do I copy content from other modules?

A new module is created based on the school template. To copy content over from a previous module, there are two options.

Option One – copy single items

From the previous year, navigate to the area you wish to copy.
  • Click the circle next to the content title and select Copy
  • Locate the module you wish to copy it to and select the location in the new module

Option Two – course copy

If you wish to copy over large quantities, a course copy can help:
  • In the previous module, click on Packages and Utilities in the Control Panel
  • Select Course Copy
  • Enter the destination module code (that is, the module code of the new module). You can use the search feature if you wish
  • Select the content sections you wish to copy
  • It is essential to NOT select Module Box at this stage – doing so will cause the process to fail
  • Click Submit
THIS CAN TAKE UP TO 20 MINUTES. Do NOT repeat this process – doing so can result in copying the contents multiple times. You will receive an email when the process has finished.

I can’t find the modules I’m teaching on

There are several reasons why this might be:
  • Ensure you are looking in the right place – see below about where to find modules.
  • You are not the designated module leader – see below about getting added to a module
  • Current Modules list may have been contracted – click the small arrow to the immediate left of the Current Modules title to expand it
  • You may have hidden it previously – click the cog that appears in the Current Modules title to personalise your module list

Where do I find my new modules?

New modules will appear in one of two places, depending on when that module is running. For most new modules, they will appear in the Current Modules box on your Home Tab in Blackboard. However, if your new module is not due to start until semester two, it will most likely appear in the Previous and Future Modules box.

Where have last year’s modules gone?

Last year’s modules will automatically be moved to the Previous and Future Modules box. They will remain available as long as there are active students within them.

How do I get added to modules on which I’m teaching?

A new module is created with one module leader that comes from SITS. If this is not you, and you need access to a module, the process depends on whether the module is a regular academic module, or a support module. Support modules are identified by having a code that begins with SPT.

Academic Modules

The designated module leader can add you. Failing this, use the form located in the Adding Module Leaders box, found on the Home tab in Blackboard.

Support Sites

Contact your school Admin team, they will action this for you.

How do I add other academics to my module?

Go into the module where you want to add other academics. Follow these steps:
  • In the Control Panel. click on Users and Groups
  • Now click on Add Module Leaders
  • If you know their U number, type that into the box under Select Staff To Enrol
  • If you don’t know their U number, click the User Search button and locate the appropriate staff
  • Click Submit

How do I make my module available to students?

A module is created in an unavailable state, so you need to make it available when ready.
To do this:
  • From the Control Panel, under Customisation select Properties.
  • In Set Availability, change Make Course Available to Yes.
  • Click Submit.

How do I change the module banner?

To change a banner, follow these steps:

  • In the module, click on Customisation in the Control Panel
  • Now click on Style
  • On this page, scroll down to Select Banner section.
  • If a banner already exists, check the Delete This Banner box
  • Now click Browse Computer and select the image you wish to use as your new banner
  • Click Submit

My students are saying they can’t see my module/their modules.

There are three common reasons for this:
  • Students not looking in the right place
    • Ensure they are looking in either Current Modules or Previous and Future Modules (see above)
  • They are not enrolled
    • Inside your module, you can check who is enrolled. There are many ways to do this, but one quick way is to go to the Control Panel, Users and Groups and then Print Student List. This will show you at a glance who is enrolled in the module. If the student is NOT there, contact your Admin team to resolve this
  • The module hasn’t been made available
    • A module is created in an unavailable state, and will remain so until the module leader makes it active. This is done by going to the Control Panel, Customisation, Properties and then making it available.
Starting the new academic year – Blackboard FAQs

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