The LSD team comprises the Academic Librarians, the Assistant Academic Librarians and the Learning Hub staff. Our role is to work in partnership with you, as Academics, and your students to ensure you derive the maximum benefit of the Library’s services and resources. Below are a series of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ to help you understand what academic skills support we are offering in the Hybrid Learning Environment.

Are the LSD team still available to help me develop my students’ academic skills?

Yes – but the way we do it will change to support the hybrid learning model and to maximise student time on campus.

  • We have resources that can be embedded in the curriculum to support skills development
  • We can also offer small bite size teaching sessions embedded within the student class time to maximise their time on campus.
  • We will offer our Succeed@Tees programme remotely as well as other online sessions to support the hybrid learning model. Details are on the Learning Hub website:

What type of skills can the LSD team help my students develop?

We have a suite of online resources that can be embedded within the learning activities in the curriculum or students can be signposted to support their learning and assessment. These can be found on the Learning Hub Website as above.

  • Academic Skills
  • Advanced Skills
  • Being critical
  • Digital Student
  • Literature searching
  • Presentations
  • Referencing
  • Researching
  • Wellbeing
  • Writing
  • “How to” resources


What about negotiated teaching sessions where I would invite someone from the LSD team to deliver a classroom or computer lab-based session, e.g. to teach my students about literature searching, academic writing etc.

To maximise student time in taught sessions, the LSD Team can deliver bite size chunks of information literacy or learning skills teaching which can be embedded within your learning sessions to support either online or face-2-face teaching. This could include:

  • Interactive online tutorials
  • Informative guides created by Sway or Powerpoint
  • Bitesize guides and videos
  • Infographics and top tips


  • Students can be signposted to Learning Hub Resources.
  • Where it is appropriate to deliver a timetabled online session for a full cohort or group of students, we can provide both asynchronous and synchronous content and communication.

In some cases, I advise my students to book a one to one appointment for specific help with referencing/literature searching. Will they still be able to do that?

Yes. Students can self-book one to one information skills tutorials and they will be delivered by an academic librarian or assistant academic librarian via Teams or email. Details are on the Learning Hub:

Can students book academic skills tutorials with the learning advisors in the Learning Hub?

Yes. Students can self-book one to one academic skills tutorials and they will be delivered either via Teams or email. Details are on the Learning Hub:

For contact details and further information see:

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